• Masport Weekender 3

Masport Weekender 3


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These good ole flat top barbecues are the mainstay of many great backyards. Easy to use without all the fancy bells and whistles, just does the job its designed to do… barbecue.

• 3 Cast Iron Burners with Carbon Steel Flame Tamers
• Matt Finish (Black) Carbon Steel Trolley with 2 Large Plastic Wheels
• Matt Finish (Black) Carbon Steel Side Tray with 1 Chopping Board
• Matt Finish (Black) Carbon Steel Lid Cover
• SS430 Stainless Steel Dashboard with Knobs
• 1/2 Cast Iron Hot Plate & 1/2 Cast Iron Grill
• Single Integrated Ignition
• Warming Rack, Drip Tray & Trolley Blind
• Vinyl cover

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