• Masport Super Grande RBW 210 (304 SS)

Masport Super Grande RBW 210 (304 SS)


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This is a great looking and very durable BBQ with a rear infrared burner fitted for direct cooking when using the rotisserie. This BBQ also features a glass window so you can see your food when the hood is down.

Convection style window hood with fewer vents aids the infusion of flavor and maintains consistent cooking temperatures.

  • Strong and fashionable aluminum main burner control knobs
  • Six burners reduces cool spots and provides even heat
  • Let the cooking timer take some of the guess work out of barbecuing
  • Stainless steel burners and flame tamers
  • Side burner provides versatility when cooking
  • Reliable integrated ignition on all burners

Standard features include:

Rear burner, rotisserie unit, utensil hooks, cooking/warming rack, UV resistant cover, vitreous enamel cookware, castor wheels and stainless steel temperature gauge

Cooking Dimensions:

800mm x 480mm

Dimensions (Complete Unit):

1600mm x 760mm x 1510mm

Build-in Dimensions:

840mm x 57mm

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